Quinn's Tavern

We have 12 taps and offer some 75 other beers in bottles and cans. For a lighter fare, we offer 8 different Non-Alcoholic beers. Our Wine List describes more than 100 fine wines.  Some are offered for sale by the glass as well by the bottle  We offer 67 red wines, 26 white wines, 2 blush/rose wines and 6 sparkling wines. 

Our list of hard liquors and spirits includes some major single-malt and blended Whiskeys from Scotland, Rye and blended whiskeys from Canada as well as Bourbons and blended whiskey from the United States and Ireland. 

All the major brands of Vodka, both neat and infused, are available in many flavors.  English, Dutch, and U.S. Gins are also featured.  Many Rums and Tequilas complement our extensive liquor offerings, as well as a wide variety of Liqueurs.  Italian Apertifs, Cognacs, other Brandies and Cordials, including Ports and Sherrys complete our lists. 

Quinn's Tavern is know for its Cocktails, mixed drinks, and Smoothies both traditional and virgin.  They offer a welcome new and challenging change from the same old and routine.