Quinn's Hot Mineral Pools

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Our mineral pools

Quinn's Hot Springs Resort has 6 pools for soaking and swimming.  Our 4 soaking pools range in temperature from 60 to 106 degrees Farenheit.  Our Swimming pools typically range from 80 to 95 degrees F.  All pools are monitored for cleanliness and temperature every 3 hours and adjusted as necessary. 

Our water is natural, chemical free and flows through continuously.  Pools are emptied and cleaned every other day. 

Pools are open every day of the year for our lodging guests.

Adult lodging guests have unlimited use of the pools every day of the year during our operational hours.  Lodging guests under the age of 18 are welcome in the hot springs until 10pm.  For our lodging guests pools are open at 7 am and close at Midnight on Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays and at 11 pm on weekdays.

Non-lodging swim sessions are available for entry to the pools starting at 9 am.  We restrict non-lodging pool use to four 3-hour sessions to prevent overcrowding.  Please call ahead for availability at 406-826-3150 ext. 1.  Our fourth and final non-lodging swim session expires at 9 pm daily.

Well-behaved children are welcome in our pools provided they are supervised by a responsible adult.  All our guests should experience fun, relaxation and rejuvenation without undue interference from other guests.

Lodging guests pay for swimming as part of their lodging package.  Non-lodging swim sessions are available for $10 per session for adults and children (ages 3+) Monday through Thursday.  Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday passes are $12 per session.  Swim cards are available for $70 for 10 swims, but they are restricted to Monday through Friday with holidays excluded and valid for the first or second swim session. 2 punches may be used per pass per day.

Our store sells swim wear, pool aids, and toys.  We encourage non-lodging guests to bring their own towels.  We charge $3.00 for towels for non-lodging guests. 

In order to provide better pool experience for our lodging guests and to ensure safety for all, we have developed swim sessions for non-lodging guests for entrance to our pools.

Please Call ahead to check on availability of the pools, reservations are recommended.

Walk-in Pool Session Hours:

Session 1: 9 am - 12 pm

Session 2: 12 pm - 3 pm

Session 3: 3 pm -  6 pm

Session 4: 6 pm -  9 pm

Our Mineral Waters Offer Excellent Health Benefits:

Silica: Strengthen bones, boosts the immune system, and promotes healthy nerves, hair, nails. Used in treating acne and migraines.

Sulfate: Rids the body of toxins, promotes health of bones, hair, nails, fluids in joints and vertebral discs. Sulfur is an anti-inflammatory.

Calcium: Is a constituent of the elastic fibers of the skin and the surface of bones and teeth. Promotes hardness and stability.

Magnesium: Maintains normal heart rhythms, converts blood sugar to energy, and maintains muscle tissue and hormone levels.

Sodium: Has been known to relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Potassium: Normalizes heart rhythms, assists in reducing high blood pressure, eliminates body toxins, and promotes healthy skin.

Iron: Builds up the quality of blood, increases the resistance to stress and disease, prevents fatigue and promotes good skin tone.

Some Rules

  • With inclement weather, particularly threats of lightning, we reserve the right to ask Guests to leave the pools for their safety. 
  • All children need to be 3 years old and potty trained. 
  • Swim diapers are off limits as our water is chemical free.
  • Be conscious that hot water may be a health risk to young children, pregnant women and people with heart conditions.
  • Pool toys and floating devices are limited to pool 6, which is our largest pool.
  • All Food and Drinks are to be purchased at our Resort and not brought in from the outside.

Pool Cleaning Schedule:

Sun, Tues, Thurs:
Pools 5 & 6 (The big pools) will begin draining for cleaning between 8 & 9 pm.
Mon, Wed, Fri:
The Largest pool will open late afternoon generally around 2:00PM. All remaining pools will be drained and cleaned after hours.